Fermynwoods Podcast - Season 2

The podcast is hosted by Fermynwoods Assistant Director Jessica Harby and features artist talks, discussions, original commissioned sound art and audio essays.


Episode 8 - Anna Brownsted

The second season of our podcast starts with an original audio work by, and discussion with, Anna Brownsted. Her work Week Nine was originally released by HOME Manchester during the ninth week of England's first lockdown. It is a cinematic landscape, meant to be listened to via headphones in a dark room.

Week Nine is a Fermynwoods Contemporary Art and Cambridge Junction Homemakers commission, part of HOME Manchester’s Homemakers series, where artists create new works in isolation for an audience also isolated by the coronavirus lockdown.



Episode 9 - Marie-Chantal Hamrock

Artist Marie-Chantal Hamrock presents new audio work The Iron, The Pitchfork & The Sow in this latest episode of the Fermynwoods Podcast. Building on her film There is Something in the Ground, There is Something in the Sky from our online Triple Harvest exhibition, Marie combines real and embellished Northamptonshire histories in this tale of ritual.


Preferred Contact: Jessica