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Easton Maudit, St Peter and St Paul

Easton Maudit, St Peter and St Paul

The building is early 14th century with a slightly later tower and then restored by Lord Alwyne Compton who on this occasion employed William Slater. Having visited Castle Ashby Lord Alwyne’s Minton tiles are immediately apparent. The glass is slightly later, installed by Clayton and Bell in 1906. But you do not come here for the architecture which is nothing out of the ordinary, but rather for the tombs, or rather those that survive. Monuments Some explanation is required. In the early 19th century the ancient family of the Yelvertons who had arrived here from Norfolk in 1578 effectively died out. The last resident of the ancient house, which stood to the north of the house, was Henry Yelverton, Earl of Sussex, Viscount Longueville, Baron Grey of Ruthyn, Hastings, Weysford and Valence who, dying at his house in London ...

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Contact & Opening Times

St Peter
Easton Maudit
NN29 7NR

Opening Times

The church is normally locked, see below for contact details.


Contact Details

Key obtainable from Tim Allebone – 01933 663255, 07973 147143 or email in advance to [email protected]

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